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Green Roofing

Danco Roofing Services, Inc. is a leader in the roofing industry in regards to "Green" roofing. We have installed several vegetated roof systems and continue to seek ways to incorporate green technologies on every project. Green roofing has numerous benefits and in many cases are even more cost effective that traditional roofing methods. In addition to vegetated roof systems, we install cool roofs, white roofs, coating systems and always look to recycle as much material as possible. Going green doesn't have to be expensive or timely when using a Danco Green Roof System.

• Increases your roofs lifespan dramatically


• Absorbs rainwater and reduces storm water run off


• Conserving energy by providing additional roof insulating properties


• Increases air quality by filtering air pollutants and carbon dioxide


• Provides a natural habitat for wildlife


• Contributes to LEED points


• Helps reduce urban air temperatures


• Adds sound absorption properties to the building


• Creates additional beauty and adds a useful space

We work with real estate firms, building owners, brokers and property managers to monitor, evaluate, and maintain their property’s most important asset; the roof. Roof evaluations and inspections are imperative when buying or selling a commercial building. We pride ourselves with giving comprehensive evaluations to potential building owners. A roof evaluation will not only provide the value of your current roof, it will also determine what kind of maintenance is required to maximize the longevity of the roof.


It will help you establish proper budgets for maintenance and/or roof replacement. It is far better to be proactive so that you can correct problems before leaks occur. This will protect both the structure and its contents. Call us for an evaluation:
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Benefits To Going Green

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Roof Evaluations
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Benefits To

Going Green