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Asset Management Program

Danco Roofing’s Asset Management Program seeks to inform our clients regarding the details of their roof and arm them with the evidence required to make a warranty claim. This essential program allows us to find potential sources of damage so that the vulnerabilities can be taken care of–before damage occurs and the project becomes costly.

Asset management begins with a roof inspection. A comprehensive roof inspection will give a client an arsenal of information regarding their roof, and they will be informed of any potential deficiencies to be aware of. Danco Roofing recommends most buildings, especially commercial buildings, be inspected bi-annually. This is especially important regarding warranties, as most manufacturers’ warranties are void if the customer cannot provide evidence that the roof has been maintained.

Danco Roofing’s Asset Management Program provides clients with photos of our work, not only so they see the difference for themselves, but also to ensure that any warranty claims the client makes will be honored. Our team of experts can help sort through the complicated process of warranty claims, including making sure that all maintenance performed is in alignment with the roof’s warranty.

Through the Asset Management Program, Danco Roofing builds an inventory of knowledge regarding specific roofs. This means we can pinpoint needed maintenance well before it needs to happen. As a part of the asset management process, clients are informed of their roof’s lifespan and about how much longer they should expect it to function at full capacity. Any suggested repairs will also be quoted, so the client can know how much it would cost to address roofing issues in the same moment they discover a problem.

Danco Roofing’s Asset Management Program makes maintenance hassle-free, and can end up saving clients thousands by identifying deficiencies before they grow into catastrophes. Though the Asset Management Program is comprehensive and robust, it is simple for the client. After enrolling in the program, the work is up to Danco.

Contact Danco Roofing today to enroll in our Asset Management Program. Our team of experts ensures a hassle-free and comprehensive solution to roof maintenance.

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