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An asphalt shingle roof is the most common type of roofing, though not for commercial properties. Traditional asphalt shingles are highly customizable, with a range of manufacturers, colors, and forms. However, other roofing options offer a longer lifespan and shingles can’t support the heavy duty HVAC equipment many commercial properties need. Danco Roofing can help you find the best roofing material for your commercial property. It is an excellent cost-effective solution for many properties with steep slope roofs.

There are two popular types of asphalt shingle used for commercial roofs: three-tab and architectural.

Three-tab shingles are the most common due to their agreeable price point. These shingles provide straight-forward installation and maintenance. Take care, as improperly installed and maintained three-tab shingle roofs can last as little as 10 years. Danco Roofing is proud to offer roof installation and maintenance services that can extend the lifetime of these three-tab asphalt shingles to over 30 years. Because of their popularity, three-tab shingles come in the largest range of colors and grades.

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Architectural shingles function similarly to three-tab shingles, but they are thicker and more durable. Installation and maintenance of architectural shingles are not any more difficult than with three-tab shingles. Additionally, architectural shingles are more resistant to damage from wind and water, which are the most common forms of roof damage in roofs made of asphalt shingles. However, because architectural shingles have significantly longer lifespans than three-tab shingles, manufacturers often issue a lifetime warranty.

Customers should note that many manufacturers’ warranties are void if the roof has not been maintained to the degree required by the warranty. Danco Roofing recommends most buildings, especially commercial buildings, have their roof inspected bi-annually for this reason. Customers are often required to provide evidence of maintenance in order to succeed in a warranty claim. Danco Roofing’s Asset Management Program provides clients with photos of our work, not only so they see the difference for themselves, but also to ensure that any warranty claims the client makes will be honored by the manufacturer.

Traditional asphalt shingles can be a cost-effective and customizable choice for commercial buildings with steep slope roofs. Our close relationships with suppliers give us top-notch expertise with the material and help us adapt to the needs of any project. Contact Danco Roofing for quality you can count on for every commercial shingle roofing project every time.


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