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Metal Roof

Metal roofs have seen a boom in popularity for their durability, simplicity, and cost effective attributes. These roofs are customizable and robust enough to work for nearly any type of building.

Durability is the top area of performance for metal roofing. It enjoys a longer lifespan than any other roofing material. It can be more costly to install initially, but its durability means that it is a strong investment. It is highly resistant to puncturing, and when installed well, can withstand even the heaviest winds without showing wear. Danco Roofing uses metal roofs that are rated to handle winds up to 150 MPH, which is stronger than a vast majority of tornadoes.

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Roof material is always a long lasting decision, but metal lasts even double some other types of roofing materials. Danco Roofing is committed to extending the life of all of our roofs, and our expertise with metal roofing makes us a dependable solution for this dependable material.

Metal roofs are also among the most energy efficient choices in roofing material. Metal is a reflective material by nature, but the color coatings are what give it its reputation for savings on energy costs. Metal roofs can come in a large variety of colors, which not only makes them among the most customizable in appearance, but bolsters their ability to reduce strain put on a building’s heating and cooling systems. Many color coatings are Energy Star certified and can save up to 40% of heating and cooling energy when compared to traditional roofing.

With its rise in popularity, certain misconceptions regarding metal roofing have become more common. Many may think metal roofs are loud or susceptible to rust in rain, but neither of these are true. In fact, due to the installation installed along with all metal roofs, clients may notice that they actually hear less rain under a metal roof than a shingled one. Water build-up and rust can absolutely be a problem for metal roofs–but not when they are installed with care and expertise.

Metal is a robust roofing material that can last a lifetime. Danco Roofing can see your roofing project through from the first permit to installation and maintenance of a metal roof. Our close relationships with suppliers give us top notch expertise with the material and help us adapt to the needs of any project. Contact Danco Roofing for quality you can count on for every metal roofing project every time.


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Metal Roof

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