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Roof Installation

Roof installation is a hefty task no matter what property it is, but when it comes to commercial buildings, things can get much more complex.

That’s why Danco Roofing works to simplify the roofing process for our clients every step of the way. Our deep working knowledge comes not only from years of experience, but a careful eye toward innovation in the field as well. Whether you’re looking for a single-ply roof made from EPDM or TPO, or even a steep slope roof made of cement, Danco Roofing has you covered from start to finish.

The first step in any roof installation is to decide what roofing system would be most functional for the building. There are several types of roofing available that address different needs in a building’s environment.

Single-ply membranes are excellent for large commercial properties with low slope roofs. These buildings enjoy how cost effective it is to cover the top with a membrane, rather than individual shingles or tiles. Single-ply roofs can also support the large heating and cooling systems that commercial properties often need to maintain a consistent temperature within the building. While simple to install, these roofs have multiple systems for installation, and each one is better suited to different contexts. So, it is important to work with a roofing company that communicates through each step of the process, ensuring both the client and company have a clear picture of the project.

Metal roofing is an excellent choice for durability, with unparalleled resistance to puncture and wind. However, proper installation is especially vital for metal roofs. Improper installation leaves metal roofing susceptible to rust, moisture buildup, and cracking that will undercut its usual lengthy lifespan.

For roofs with steep slopes, it is crucial to have a company that has expertise with the specific material the roof is made from. Steep slope roofs come in a variety of materials including cement, clay, slate, metal, or traditional asphalt shingling. Each material comes with its own set of inherent advantages and disadvantages, so it is important to determine which one is best suited to a given project.

Danco Roofing is a trusted source for all roofing services, but commercial roof installation is one of our specialties. With years of experience and a commitment to communication and quality, contacting Danco Roofing is a great way to get started on your next roof installation project.

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