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ethylene propylene diene terpolymer roofing

Ethylene Propylene Diene Monomer is a versatile single-ply material that sees wide use in a number of different environments. It is popular for its cost effectiveness, flexibility, and UV resistance. Like other single-ply materials, it is a robust choice for low slope roofing projects for all purposes, whether commercial or multi-family.  As the leader in reliable roofing, Danco Roofing has extensive experience providing EPDM roofing services and can support you through all phases of your project.

EPDM is known for its ability to withstand heat and cold, even when temperature changes are quick and drastic. This is due to its base components, and its heat resistance can be bolstered further with paint. White EPDM is reflective, making it an energy saving choice that reduces the impact of the sun on a building’s heating and cooling systems. EPDM also comes painted black, which can help buildings absorb heat from sunlight and reduce pressure on heating in cold climates. Black EPDM also includes carbon black, which provides a greater degree of UV protection. This is partially why many school buildings have black EPDM roofs; it’s great for winter and the buildings are not used as heavily during the hotter months. It’s important to work with a trusted source like Danco Roofing to understand what type of EPDM would be best suited for your project.

epdm indianapolis
ethylene propylene diene terpolymer
epdm roofing

As a single-ply material, EPDM provides a great deal of flexibility. This flexibility makes EPDM long lasting, but without costing extra. Its material cost is low, which is compounded by the fact that EPDM is easy to install for a vast majority of roofing projects that use it.

EPDM roofs often show little to no signs of wear after over 30 years if installed and maintained properly. These kinds of roofs can even exceed 40 years of safe, comprehensive service using today’s advanced methods of manufacture and installation. EPDM’s long lifespan is not shortened by climate conditions. It’s also easy to install using a variety of methods that do not compromise on EPDM’s durability.

EPDM is an effective and popular roofing material for its combination of durability and cost effectiveness. Danco Roofing can see your roofing project through from the first permit to installation and maintenance. Our close relationships with EPDM suppliers give us top notch expertise with the material and help us adapt to the needs of any project. Contact Danco Roofing for quality you can count on for every EPDM roofing project every time.


Ballasted System: The ballasted or loose-laid system is the most popular installation method. It allows installers to work quickly and cover a large area, so it is ideal for larger projects. This system can also be used for roof replacement and repair projects.

Fully-Adhered System: This system is unique in that the insulation and EPDM membrane are bonded together with mechanical fasteners, adhesives, and/or stress plates before installation. This method is becoming more and more popular, especially for repair projects. This system can even be used on some steep slope roofing projects.

Mechanically-Fastened System: The membrane is installed first, then round plates or batten strips are used to attach the insulation to the EPDM. This system is lightweight and adaptable, making it suitable for many projects.


ethylene propylene diene terpolymer
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