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Roof Replacement

While proper installation and maintenance can extend a roofs lifespan, all roofs will eventually need to be replaced.

Danco Roofing has an expert team that spans inspection, maintenance, and installation, making it a one-stop shop for commercial roofing needs. This is especially important for roof replacement, where a depth of experience in inspection, maintenance, and installation are all used in the same project.

If your building is inspected routinely (Danco Roofing recommends all buildings, especially commercial ones, be inspected twice per year), the need for a roof replacement will likely not be a surprise. Experienced inspectors often catch potential vulnerabilities and damages in a roof before they become dire. In many cases, maintenance services are comprehensive enough to get a roof up to building code and perform its functions flawlessly. If you are considering a roof replacement, make sure to start with an inspection by a quality professional who can accurately advise whether service or replacement is needed.

Roof replacement is a service option that can fix any major problem a roof is having. Telltale signs of a roof in need of replacement include sagging, mold, curling, and water damage. Any of these are alerts that a roof should be inspected immediately, as the roof will need repair at the least and replacement at the most. Roofing materials have a large range in lifespan, from as low as 10 years for low quality shingles and as high as 70 years for high quality metal roofing.

Replacing a roof is also an excellent way to increase the value and energy efficiency of a building. Commercial properties that began as large residential buildings may want to replace a roof so that they can more efficiently address their needs. It is a popular choice to replace an aged shingle roof with a more durable metal roof. Danco Roofing is an experienced installer of all roofing types, so we are able to provide comprehensive guidance regarding what kind of roofing material is the best for a specific building.

If your roof is under a manufacturer’s warranty, it is essential to make sure that the roof has been maintained following the conditions of the warranty. Many manufacturers’ warranties are void if the customer cannot provide evidence that the roof has been maintained to the manufacturer’s standards. Danco Roofing’s Asset Management Program documents roof maintenance and inspections so that our clients’ warranty claims are always successful.

Contact Danco Roofing today to get started with a roof inspection. Our experienced team is familiar with every step of roofing replacement projects and pride themselves on straightforward communication with our clients. Danco Roofing will guide you from inspection to the completion of a roof replacement, with expert recommendations along the way.

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