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Thermoplastic Polyolefins (TPO) are single-ply polypropylene based materials that deliver on their popularity. TPO roofing is a durable yet cost effective choice that works exceedingly well in many environments. As the leader in reliable roofing, Danco Roofing has extensive experience providing TPO roof services.

TPO is especially useful in all sorts of environments because of its ability to lower building energy costs without being a large initial investment compared to most other roofing materials. Its emissive and reflective surface makes it resistant to sunlight, and won’t show signs of wear even after years of harsh UV exposure. This material can be formulated for increased UV exposure on top of its innate resistance, which also increases its resistance to scratching.

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TPO is not just resistant to sun, but to the weathering effects of the seasons as well. It is an especially flexible material, so it will hold up to shrinking and expansion easily. It’s flexibility makes it strong yet lightweight, allowing it to handle a wide range of projects in a diverse set of environments. This is partially due to its heat-welded seams, which provide greater strength than other types of seams and make TPO’s long lifespan even longer.

TPO lacks the stiffness required for steeper roofing projects, but its flexibility makes it great for high wind environments, so familiarity with the material and the conditions of the project it will be used in is vital. Danco Roofing is exceedingly experienced with TPO and can tailor the balance of stiffness and flexibility to your project.

Being made from polypropylene, TPO roofs are naturally resistant to both chemicals and fungi. It is also more resistant to puncture than many single-ply roofing materials. These qualities make the material a great choice for some specific environments in addition to it being well-suited for most everyday environments.

TPO is the most popular choice for single-ply roofing materials for its combination of durability and cost effectiveness. Danco Roofing can see your roofing project through from the first permit to installation and maintenance. Our close relationships with TPO suppliers give us top notch expertise with the material and help us adapt to the needs of any project. Contact Danco Roofing for quality you can count on for every TPO roofing project every time.


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