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Roof Maintenance & Asset Management Program

Learn more about our Asset Management Program

Maintenance and leak repairs are a large part of our customers needs. Our technicians pride themselves on their ability to locate and solve immediate roofing issues. A technician is always available and will respond in a timely manner.
Studies have shown that a roof that is not regularly maintained will only last about half of its expected service life. Don't assume that a warranty will help. Almost all manufacturers of roofing materials state specifically in their warranty that the warranty is void if the roof is not maintained. If you can't show that the roof has been maintained, you will not have a case when you try to make a claim on a supposed warranty issue.
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Emergency Maintenance
or Leak Repair Request?

If you have an emergency maintenance or leak repair request, don't wait. Danco Roofing Services is ready to respond to all types of roof and leak repairs with professional crews that will get the job done fast.

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