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Steep Slope Roofs

Danco Roofing delivers unparalleled quality when it comes to steep slope roofing installation and maintenance.

While a steep slope certainly makes a roof more expensive and difficult to install, it enjoys a variety of advantages over low slope roofs. Most practically, they are angled so that precipitation does not build up but slides off immediately. This reduces strain from weather, especially in areas that deal with heavy rain or snow. But, more often than practical considerations in commercial projects, the benefit of a steep slope roof is its presentational value. Steep slope roofing comes in a variety of materials, so its aesthetic value is bolstered by its customizability.

Danco Roofing is exceedingly experienced with all types of steep slope roofing materials, even more delicate materials like copper. Many historical sites have steep slope roofs and require maintenance from a company that knows the ins and outs of not only roofing, but the specific materials that they are working with. Danco Roofing is proud to offer all of our services to even the most delicate historical sites. We are happy to learn about your historical site and work to preserve it.

Slate is a material that works better the steeper the roof is. Because they are made of stone, extra care should be taken to avoid water damage and erosion of the slate over time. The steeper the setting, the easier it is to integrate comprehensive water and moisture migration for a slate roof. Slate shows off natural beauty, with even newer installations and repairs looking classic and timeless.

Tiled steep slope roofs come primarily in clay or concrete. Clay is the more popular choice, as it is less porous and more durable than concrete. But, concrete provides a degree of extra aesthetic customization as it can be nearly any color. Both clay and concrete have a timeless appearance, without evoking the historical feeling that a slate roof might. Steep slope roof tiles also come in three varieties of shape: flat, barrel, and S-shaped. Flat tiles function much like slate would, while barrel tiles are rounded to help shed precipitation. S-shaped tiles interlock, providing more comprehensive insulation.

Traditional asphalt shingles are the most common steep slope roofing type due to their widespread use in single-family residential homes. Shingles are cost effective, offer a range of options, and are lighter than many other roofing options.

Steep slope roofs come in a variety of materials and present a unique set of challenges compared to low slope roofing. Danco Roofing can see your project through from the first permit to installation and maintenance of a steep slope roof made from nearly any material. Our close relationships with suppliers give us top notch expertise and help us adapt to the needs of any project. Contact Danco Roofing for quality you can count on for every steep slope roofing project every time.

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